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Sheer Terror-Just Can’t Hate Enough LP coke bottle clear with red


Finally back in print! Coke bottle clear with red. Please note that the purple/pink exclusive colored vinyl is sold out.

Re-issue of Sheer Terror's debut full length release with bonus tracks (live at CBGB).
Re-released by Dead City Records with all new cover/jacket artwork featuring the classic bulldog intensely aged and demonized.
Includes insert with lyrics. Officially licensed from Blackout Records.

Sheer Terror emerged in the 80's alongside the other greats like Agnostic Front, Warzone, and Sick Of It All. Intense metallic style riffs over the band's NYHC /punk breakdowns. Vocalist Paul Bearer pioneered clean vocals with hardcore growls and snarls. Heavy, bulldozing music tinged with tongue and cheek humor. This is one of the best landmark hardcore albums to emerge from the scene and has influenced countless bands. Mandatory listening for true NYHC fans.

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