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Bold-Speak Out LP Clear Vinyl Exclusive


Limited edition Clear vinyl LP exclusive to Generation Records, Coretex in Germany and another retailer. Our 100 copies are hand-numbered on our exclusive silver foil stickers.

Speak Out, originally released in 1988, has been remastered, pressed on color vinyl, and includes a bonus, full-color, 40-page booklet curated by the band, and has been returned to it’s original gatefold layout with an added embossing on the cover.

John Scharbach describes the process he and the band used to design the booklet: “Speak Out always sounded perfect to me so I’m looking forward to the remaster and I would never turn down the opportunity to create a booklet for BOLD. Tried a few different things, but I eventually opted for a scrapbook style layout—no text or anecdotes, just let the visuals tell the story. I talked to Zulu and got a bunch of ephemera from him. He kept a scrapbook with flyers, photos, stickers, backstage passes, etc., so I wanted the booklet to reflect that. He passed along a lot of great stories too, the best being the one time BOLD came out on stage for a set at the Anthrax to the theme from Conan The Barbarian because Drew and he were huge fans of the soundtrack. Drew pushed hard for a gatefold layout in 1988 and wanted the cover to have each member showcased in quadrants modeled after the KISS Dynasty cover. Zulu also detailed the time Jordan showed up to a gig with a multiple-page typed report entitled “Why BOLD should go with Revelation” after they had already made a deal with Wishingwell. I’m always dreaming about a BOLD 4-sided shirt designed with Longrie and Dubar’s direction. This record has always been extremely important to me ever since it entered my life as a youth and I’ve spent hours obsessing over it with all of my DC hardcore family. Very honored To have created this.”

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